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Stage 2  19/04/2019 - 160 km - Hilly Stage



Town in Republic of Srpska (BIH)

 Vlasenica area, with its geographical position, rich flora and fauna and preserved environment, is suitable for the development of various types of tourism – transit, winter-mountain, rural, hunting and fishing, health. The special features of this area are tall and dense forests. There are 0.70 hectares of forest area per inhabitant (European average is 0.34). These forests are also valuable for the composition and type of trees. In addition to the centuries-old beech trees, fir, maple trees, pine trees and spruce, there are also examples of serbian spruce here. The abundance of forest fruits, especially various types of mushrooms (edible bolete, morel, chanterelle, rose finch, phentermine, etc.) and the distribution of various game (deer, wild boar, bear, wolf, fox, rabbit etc.), and the relative wealth of the fish fund in Studeni and ZeleniJadar, Tišča and Drinjača (trout, gilt, grayling, barbell, sneep, minnow, etc.) also motivate certain categories of tourists to come to this region.The opportunity for the development of winter tourism is especially provided by the Javor Mountain where, since 1984, there is a winter sports and recreation center “Igrišta”. It is located at the altitude of 1,019 meters, only seven kilometers away from the city, on the main road through which the lines of tourists pass in the winter, whose final destinations are the Olympic mountains of Jahorina and Bjelašnica, about 100 kilometers from Vlasenica. Among the most beautiful natural ambient of this region is the mountain plateau Ružnavoda (about 1,130 m above sea level), which extends along the road to Han Pijesak, today the attractive treasure of citizens of Vlasenica, and because of dense forests (mostly coniferous) green meadows and planks and cold clean water has the characteristics of a real aerial spa. There is also a high concentration of the ozone in the air in this region.

Vlasenica Mayor Mr KRALJEVIĆ Miroslav

Vlasenica Cycling Team President Mr LUKIĆ Željko



Brčko Town
Town in the Brčko district


Brčko town is a town in north-eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, situated on the river Sava. On the basis of geographical location, economic and other capacities, Brčko represents an economic and cultural center of the Bosnian Posavina. Brčko is the hub of water and land routes, linking Bosnia and Herzegovina with Western Europe and the countries of the Danube river basin and the Black Sea. It is a bridge between the eastern and western part of the Republic of Srpska and between the Federation and Western Europe.
Brčko is surrounded by fertile fields and hills covered with orchards. From the agricultural and economic aspects, Brčko is especially important for the Tuzla - Podrinje and Zenica - Doboj canton. The future of Brčko lies in the development of modern agriculture and light industry economy. Brčko has fertile farmland and qualified labor force.

Brčko Mayor Mr MILIĆ Siniša

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