2020 European Week of Cyclotourism Banjaluka 4-11 July

In organisation of Union European Cycling Tourism and Association of sport at 4th to 11th July 2020 it will be organised European week of Cyclotourism in Banjaluka, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Union Europeenne de Cyclotourisme

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4 July Saturday

Welcomes to participants in Banjaluka, University Camp 2km from Center of city in Nature Park, City thath can offer you all you need in only one week.

5 July Sunday

AM: Parade with bikes through the center of the city, after that  is Opening ceremony
PM: Free activity
Banjaluka, City of the sport, culture and youth. Place where are mixed many diferent cultures and empires from Roman, Turkey empire and Austro Hungaryan.

6 July Monday

Today you can choose 3 routes for road bikes and 2 for MTB. Landscape of this route is filed with small hills, rivers beside the road… This region is called Provence of Republic of Srpska. You will enyoj in ride mixed by small hills and rivers.

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7 July Monday

Today you can ride at Cycling World Champion 2021 short route  Granfondo.
 80km. Canyon of Vrbas river, passed by Monestry, mountain landscape in second half of route will mix yours power,
great view and route of the Wolrd Championships 2021

Road ARoad BWorld Ch.

8 July Monday

Day to taste big route of the World Championship 2021. 120km. Canyon of Vrbas river, passed by Lake Balkana, Mrkonjić Grad, ride at the plateau of mountain landscape. Long chalenge route with great landscape and nature. Route of the World Championships 2021

Road ARoad BWorld Ch.

9 July Monday

Today you can choose 3 routes for road bikes and 2 for MTB. Day you will spend in region of vineyard, fabrique of wine and moust popular domestic drink “Šljivovica Rakija” – Schnapps.

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10 July Friday

Last day with closing ceremony and banquet in the evening. You will have chance to taste domestic food and drinks. With amasing barbique, fish specialitets, wine, beer and rakija. Music band will be in charge to complete you evening.

11 July Saturday

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Banjaluka City

The interweave of many cultures in Banja Luka gave a considerable number of cultural and historical monuments that witness various epochs and human creation in the area. The Kastel fort is particularly attractive as a historical center of the city and the place where Banja Luka was basically founded. It is situated in the city center, at the confluence of the Crkvena and Vrbas River. Old walls kindle imagination as the witnesses of battles, trade expeditions, ups and downs in city’s historical development. The fort is the oldest historical monument in Banja Luka, positioned on the very spot where the oldest remains of settlements in the city territory were found. It was raised to serve as a physical defence of people and their lives, whereas today it serves as a reminiscence of the culture and tradition of past times. The Cultural Center „Banski dvor“, the National Theater and the Children`s Theater of the Republic of Srpska, The Museum of the Republic of Srpska, the Museum of Modern Art of the Republic of Srpska, galleries and other numerous cultural events that take place throughout the whole year add to the city`s cultural offer.

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Banjaluka University

 The University of Banja Luka, founded on November 7, 1975 and comprising of 17 faculties today, is the leading higher education institution in the Republic of Srpska and the second largest one in the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Since 2007, the University has been integrated, with the faculties functioning as organizational units.
It is managed by the Steering Board, Senate and Rector, who is assisted by the Vice-Rector for education and students’ affairs, Vice-Rector for scientific research and development, Vice-Rector for international and inter-university cooperation, and Vice-Rector for staff and material resources.
At the moment, there are 811 fully employed professors and teaching assistants, 342 professors working part-time, and 175 visiting professors, the administration of the University totaling 559 employees.

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Office: +387.65.360000 office@afssport.com
Camp logistic: +387.65.310686 Mr. Srboljub Vuković (ENG)
Bike Rental: +387.65.916.503    Mr. Nikola Soković (ENG)