The organization has existed since 2007. Company founder Vladimir Kuvalja organizes sports events since 2001.
Family Kuvalja organizes sports events since 1976, bike racing, motor racing, The regional championships in sports games.
Tanasije Kuvalja, Tihomir Kuvalja and Vladimir Kuvalja deal with cycling since 1963, as a sportsman, in his career, winning national championships, regional championships, staged several bicycle race, participants Mediteran Games, World Championships, Olympic Games and many other major international events. They have performed for nationan team Yugoslavia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.




Cycling Events

Grand Prix Banjaluka > Since 1965
International Criterium Road Race
Balkan Road Championship > 2003,20015,2017
Belgrade Banjaluka > Since 2007
UCI International Road Cycling Race
Grand Prix Sarajevo > Since 2014
UCI International Road Cycling Race
Grand Prix Banjaluka > Since 2015
UCI XCO C2 Cycling Race
Tour of Bulgaria > Since 2015
UCI 2,2 International Road Cycling Race
Black Sea Cycling Race > Since 2015
UCI 2.2 International Road Cycling Race
Kozara Marathon > 2014
UCI XCM C3 International Cycling Race
National Championship BIH > Since 2007
Individual Time Trial Championship





Ljeto na Vrbasu > Since 2016
Summer Water and Beach Games
Banjaluka Open > Since 2016
Beach Volleyball International Tournament
Jelen Beach Soccer > Since 2016
Beach Soccer International Tournament
Banjaluka Night Run > Since 2015
Athletic Running Street Race
Night Half Marathon > Since 2017
International Athletic Running Half Marathon