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Brčko Town
Town in the Brčko District


Brčko town is a town in north-eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, situated on the river Sava. On the basis of geographical location, economic and other capacities, Brčko represents an economic and cultural center of the Bosnian Posavina. Brčko is the hub of water and land routes, linking Bosnia and Herzegovina with Western Europe and the countries of the Danube river basin and the Black Sea. It is a bridge between the eastern and western part of the Republic of Srpska and between the Federation and Western Europe.
Brčko is surrounded by fertile fields and hills covered with orchards. From the agricultural and economic aspects, Brčko is especially important for the Tuzla - Podrinje and Zenica - Doboj canton. The future of Brčko lies in the development of modern agriculture and light industry economy. Brčko has fertile farmland and qualified labor force.

Brčko Mayor Mr MILIĆ Siniša

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Town in Republic of Srpska (BIH)

Teslić is a town and municipality located in Republika Srpska, an entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is situated in the central part of the Republika Srpska, on the banks of Usora River. As of 2013, the town has a population of 7,518 inhabitants, while the municipality has 38,536 inhabitants.Teslić Municipality is one of the largest municipalities in Republic of Srpska, which extends to 846 square kilometers. It is rich in natural and anthropogenic tourist resources, which are characterized by diverse topography and preserved natural wealth.
Located in the northern part of central Bosnia, municipality of Teslić has long been a tourist destination with a rich and varied tourist offer.
Whether you are a fan of spa, or religious, mountain, hunting or other forms of tourism, or you have come to conferences, seminars, for a vacation or active holidays, municipality of Teslić with its tourism offer is a location to meet all your expectations.

Teslić Mayor Mr MILIĆEVIĆ Milan